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Childhood Friends’ Game Company

Over twenty years ago, six misfit kids became friends.

Today they are still friends, each successful in his field. Together they are a doctor, a lawyer, a championship winning head coach, a geneticist, a film producer, and an award-winning author, and most importantly, passionate about games for kids that spark creativity.

In 2013, they created 8th Level Entertainment, LLC to make games for children that would push them to be creative thinkers. Games that would be powered by imagination, not batteries.

Introducing Beastie Bash!

Now, their first game is launching on Kickstarter, a fun mix-and-match card game called Beastie Bash!

Beastie Bash! Card Game

Beastie Bash! is a silly character game for 1 – 4 players — and about 20 minutes of play.

The object of the game is to combine the highest scoring HEAD card and BODY card and collect the most Beastie cards.

Beastie Bash! is for kids with wild imaginations, families who prefer silly to serious, and for parents who want their kids to have important innovative skills for their futures.

Want to get BeastieBash! before anyone else? You can. Go to the Kickstarter campaign, pledge $25 or more, and you’ll get the first sets of cards before they’re in stores.


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